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R series gear reducer

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R series gear reducer
Performance characteristics of R series helical gear hardened gear reducer:
1. R series gear reducer products have low noise, high energy saving, and low vibration;
2. Forged steel material, rigid cast iron box body is selected, and the gear surface is subjected to high frequency heat treatment;
3. After precision machining to ensure the shaft parallelism and positioning bearing requirements, the reducer forming the helical gear transmission assembly is equipped with various types of motors, combined into an electromechanical, to ensure the quality characteristics of the product;
4. Manufactured in accordance with international technical requirements, with high technological content;
5. Space saving, reliable and durable, high overload capacity, power up to 160KW;
6. Low energy consumption, superior performance, and the reducer efficiency is as high as 95% or more;
7. R series can bear higher radial load.
Type classification of R series reducer:
Performance characteristics:
◆ Small offset output, compact structure, maximum use of cabinet space, the second and third levels are in the same cabinet.
◆ Integral casting box body is adopted, which has good structural rigidity, which is easy to improve the strength of the shaft and the life of the bearing.
◆ Installation method: foot installation, flange installation with large and small flanges, easy to choose.
◆ Solid shaft output, the average efficiency is 96% for the second stage, 94% for the third stage, and 85% for the R/R combination.
◆ The RM series specially designed for mixing can bear larger axial and radial forces.
technical parameter:
Torque range: R basic type 85~18000 Nm, RX type 20~1680 Nm
Power range: R basic type 0.18~160 kW, RX type 0.18~132 kW