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k series gear reducer

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k series gear reducer
XNUMX. The k series reducer is a combination of multi-stage helical gears, which has higher efficiency than single-stage worm gear reducers.
The k series reducer is designed on the basis of the modular combination system. It has an extremely large number of motor combinations, installation positions and structural schemes. It has high double torque efficiency and long life gears. It is equipped with foot mounting, flange mounting and shafts. Type of installation.
XNUMX. Product features of k series reducer 
1. Highly modular design: It can be easily equipped with various types of motors or other power inputs.The same model can be equipped with motors of multiple powers.It is easy to realize the combined connection between various models. 
2. Transmission ratio: fine division and wide range.Combined models can form a large transmission ratio, that is, output extremely low speed.
3. Installation form of k series reducer: the installation position is not restricted. 
4. The k series reducer has high strength and small size: the box body is made of high-strength cast iron.The gears and gear shafts adopt the gas carburizing quenching and fine grinding process, so the load capacity per unit volume is high.
5. K series reducer has a long service life: under the conditions of correct selection (including selection of appropriate use coefficient) and normal use and maintenance, the life of the main parts of the reducer (except for wearing parts) is generally not less than 20000 hours .The wearing parts include lubricating oil, oil seals and bearings. 
6. The k series reducer has low noise: the main parts of the reducer have been precision processed, assembled and tested, so the reducer has low noise.
7. The k series reducer has high efficiency: the efficiency of a single model is not less than 95%.
8. It can bear larger radial load. 
9. Can bear axial load not more than 15% of radial force
XNUMX. Technical parameters of k series reducer 
K series reducer output speed: 0.1~530
K series reducer output torque: ≤18000N.m
Speed ​​ratio range of k series reducer: basic type 5.36~197.37, K series/R series combined type can reach 32625
Motor power of k series reducer: 0.12~200KW
XNUMX. Connection code and form of k series reducer: 
K-foot installation, shaft extension connection KA-shaft installation connection, foot support KF-flange installation, shaft extension connection KAF-flange installation, shaft installation connection