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Why is the gear of the worm gear reducer easy to damage

时间:2019-06-29 16:14   tags: Technology Frontier  

        Worm gear reducers usually use non-ferrous tin bronze as the worm gear, and the worm is made of harder stainless steel, which can improve work efficiency.Some of them are more easily worn out when rotating. What is causing this?In fact, there are reasons for the assembly of mechanical equipment, or improper use of lubricants.
Specifically, there are the following reasons:
01. Because of the special structure of the worm gear, the rotation direction of the worm drive gear is at right angles to the rotation direction of the worm gear that transmits the driving force. When the two tooth surfaces are in contact with each other, it is basically completely caused by rolling contact.This type of high-rolling touch requires a high degree of matching of the contact surfaces. Once the assembly is improperly or the parts are not matched, it is easier to increase the friction of the contact surface, which will cause rapid wear.
02. For the transmission pinion helical gear, when it is installed vertically, it is easier to cause a serious shortage of grease. When the worm gear reducer stops rotating, the transmission gear oil between the motor and the reducer is reduced, and the transmission gear loses its due lubricant protection.Restart, the transmission gear loses effective lubricating oil, causing mechanical equipment wear and even equipment scrapping.
03. The material of worm gear and bearing is easy to wear out.
04. Maintenance and management.The grease selection is poor or needs to be replaced.