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What are the characteristics of WP worm gear reducer

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  WP worm gear reducer operating conditions:Worm G RThe worm speed cannot exceed 1500r/min.The working environment temperature is -40℃-+40℃. When the working environment temperature is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil of the reducer must be heated to above 0℃ before starting. When the working environment temperature is higher than 40℃, it is necessary Take cooling measures.
  Features of WP worm gear reducer:
  1. The WP series reducer has an overall box structure, beautiful appearance and good rigidity.
       2. The box body type has basic type (the box body is a vertical or horizontal structure with a foot plate) and a universal type (the box body is a rectangular parallelepiped, with fixed screw holes on multiple sides, without a foot plate or additional bottom Various structural types such as foot board).
       3. There are two types of input shaft connection: basic type (single input shaft and double input shaft), with motor flange.
       4. There are two types of output shaft structure: basic type (single output shaft, double output shaft) and hollow output shaft.
       5. The position direction of the output and input shafts is that the input shaft is down and up; the output axis is up and down; the input axis is up and down.
       6. Two or three reducers can be used to form a multi-stage reducer to obtain a great transmission ratio.Installation type and output mode: base type, flange type and torque arm type installation, solid shaft and hollow shaft output and worm output directly.