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Can small and medium-sized reducer companies escape the fate of wandering in the low-end field?

时间:2018-11-04 11:43   tags: products information  

        At this stage, my country's reducer companies are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and they are increasing day by day. However, the increase in the number of companies has not promoted the expansion of the reducer industry, and the grades of products are basically in the low-end field. Motor companies have robbed the mid-to-high-end market of my country's reducer. In this situation, my country's reducer companies have difficulty entering the competition in the high-end machinery market, but they always linger in the low-end market.So, during the XNUMXth Five-Year Plan period, how can my country's reducer companies improve themselves and join the trend of international brands?Companies need to do the following:
  First, pay close attention to quality and make a good brand.If an enterprise wants to achieve long-term sustainable development, it must establish its own brand.No matter how the brand is established, the quality of the product is the most fundamental prerequisite.For most small and medium-sized reducer companies, they can learn from the quality supervision system of foreign reducer companies and set up a separate quality inspection team to improve the management level of the company.That is, if you are unable to break into the high-end market in a short period of time, then first do well-known brands that serve the mid- and low-end markets.
  Second, strengthen cooperation to seek a win-win situation.Reducer companies are competitors and partners at the same time.Especially small and medium-sized enterprises often have the problem of weak technology. Strengthen the exchange of technology, the interaction of talents, learn from each other and communicate with each other, in order to seek substantial common development.
  Third, dislocation competition, based on the main focus.Small and medium-sized reducer companies should not focus on "full" product categories, but can focus on "precision".We can combine the actual situation, give play to their respective characteristics and advantages, choose their respective flagship products, and embark on a new path of misaligned competition and common development.
  Fourth, independent innovation and increasing research and development.At this stage, although small and medium-sized reducer companies in my country also know the importance of innovation, they have no confidence in the path of independent innovation because of their limited technical capabilities.However, innovation is always the core of the soul of an enterprise. Once small and medium-sized enterprises have sufficient funds, they will not give up on the path of independent innovation.To establish a positive sense of innovation, talents can be introduced, and experimental research and development rooms can be established.
  To sum up, the small and medium-sized enterprises of my country's reducer must get rid of wandering in the low-end market and enter the high-end market.