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How to solve the problem of high noise of worm gear reducer

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When the worm gear reducer rotates, it will make a lot of noise when the gears mesh, which has always been a technical problem that is difficult to solve.To solve the noise problem of the reducer, it is necessary to find a solution to the noise generated when the gear meshes.Many people want to buy low noise or silent when choosing a reducer.According to the analysis of the cause of gear noise, it can be operated by controlling the deviation of the base pitch and controlling the radial runout of the gear from a technological point of view.
1. Control the influence of base section deviation on noise
When the base section of the driving wheel is larger than the base section of the driven wheel, this will help reduce the noise of the gear. It is also possible to make the driving wheel base section of the noisy wheel larger by improving the process and detection methods. The base section is made smaller.
2. Follower wheel trimming
In order to reduce the impact caused by the engagement of the top edge of the driven wheel, a trimming method is usually adopted, which is to cut off a part of the top of the driven wheel, so that when the teeth are changed, the impact can be reduced and the noise can be reduced.
3. Control the tooth profile error
The form of tooth profile error is diversified. The form of tooth profile error is the probabilistic synthesis of various errors in the industrial system. It is more complicated, but it must be pointed out that the base circle of the gear is the only parameter that determines the involute tooth profile. , If there will be some errors in the base circle during processing, there will be some errors in the tooth profile.
4. Control gear radial runout
Radial runout of gears will cause shock waves, which will result in changes in the tooth side clearance, resulting in noise.Gear radial runout is the basic requirement for gear processing. If you want to ensure gear processing accuracy, it is very important to reasonably determine the tooth profile processing positioning reference and installation method.
5. Reduce tooth surface roughness
The tooth surface roughness also affects the noise of the gear. Generally speaking, if the tooth surface roughness is low, the friction coefficient of the tooth surface is small, and the gear noise is low.
The above is a brief introduction to the solution to the noise of the worm gear reducer, and I hope it can help you.