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Disassembly and assembly of the reducer on the wheel

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        The reducer wheel, also called the reducer back wheel, can be used in the scraper conveyor in coal mine transportation equipment, and is mainly used for the connection of the accelerometer and the foundation laying of the head transmission part of the scraper.In the early days when energy was mainly coal-based, reducers were often used in the environment of pulverized coal boilers.
        To disassemble and assemble the counter wheel of the reducer, you need to follow the steps below:
(1) Use a special tool to disassemble the opposite wheel, and heat with flame if necessary, and the heating temperature is 200^-250'C;
(2) The size of each part of the new gearbox should be checked, and it can be assembled only when there are no serious defects.
(3) Use fine gauze cloth or oil stone to remove the rust layer and convex shuttle burr on the shaft and the counter-wheel extraction hole,
(4) Measure the fit tolerance of the shaft journal and the pair of wheel holes, and should meet the assembly requirements of the drawings.
(5) The fit tolerance of the measuring key should meet the quality requirements,
(6) Heating the counter-wheel, the gear-shaped counter-wheel of the reducer can be heated in oil, or directly heated with wood, to 90-r1000C, if it is an elastic counter-wheel, it is directly heated with wood to 200^-250'C .During the heating process, use the internal gauge to measure the precious hole. After it is suitable, clean the shaft hole, quickly install it on the shaft, and then let it cool naturally.