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The process of customizing non-standard reducer

时间:2018-11-04 11:57   tags: products information  

1. First, determine the shaft diameter of the customized reducer, which requires measuring the diameter of the hole and the size of the key of the matching mechanical equipment;
2. Secondly, it is necessary to determine whether the geared motor needs to be installed horizontally or vertically. If it is installed vertically, whether there are requirements for its flange surface and whether it needs to be milled to ensure a tight fit with the equipment;
3. Finally, it is necessary to determine the speed requirements of the geared motor, that is, the determination of the reduction ratio, which can be determined by calculation.
To communicate with the manufacturer, it is best to get the manufacturer’s product catalog first, determine the size of the geared motor, and connect with its technicians to select the geared motor, because the general warranty period of non-calibrated products is different from that of standard parts. This should be clear once the model is customized. Whether the error can be repaired, after-sales and other issues.