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The necessity of mastering the basic knowledge of reducer

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  I have learned the knowledge of reducer for several months.Whether it isReducerTechnology, worm gear reducer technology or other technology, everyone has learned a lot, but optics is still not enough.After all, it is time to know that the new is the old.There is a fact that this principle has practical significance so far, so we must review the knowledge we learned in time. Today is the deceleration technology and worm deceleration technology we learned before.This is a necessary process for reviewing it.Through this process, I believe it will be helpful for everyone's further research in the future.The working principle of the reducer varies according to the type of the reducer.Currently, the performance is better.It belongs to the planetary gear reducer.The transmission mechanism of the planetary gear reducer is a gear.The structure diagram is not drawn and is very simple.There are two circles, a large circle and a small circle, the two circles are concentric, and there are three other small circles in the ring part between the two circles.The largest of all the circles is the ring gear, and the other four small circles are gears.This is called the sun wheel, and the other three small wheels are called planetary wheels.The servo motor drives the sun gear of the reducer, and the sun gear drives the planetary gears supported on the ring gear.The planetary gear transmission meshing transmission device and the outer ring gear drive the output shaft connected with the outer ring gear to achieve deceleration.Purpose, the reduction ratio is related to the specifications of the gear train.The above-mentioned concepts and theories can be said to be the most basic and basic of the reducer technology.Perhaps some of them already know it, and some are already familiar with it, but it is undeniable that some people have worm reducers.Technical research has not yet reached the required requirements.Therefore, such comments are very useful.It not only provides integration opportunities for those who have mastered the technology, but also provides supplementary learning opportunities for those who have not yet mastered the technology.For the study of reducer technology, it is necessary not only to rely on review to lay a good foundation for itself, but also to have a good foundation to be able to create better improvements. Therefore, with the foundation, it is preparing for improvement, and it will inevitably require improvement. Good foundation.
  The main content of this article today is the basic knowledge of the reducer, but this is not the entire basic knowledge.Therefore, I did not review all the knowledge here.Even if I leave homework here, everyone needs to review before class.The reducer knowledge I have learned will lay the foundation for future research.