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NMRV miniature aluminum alloy worm reducer

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NMRV miniature aluminum alloy worm reducer
XNUMX. Brief introduction of RV aluminum alloy worm gear reducer
The RV series of worm gear reducers produced by our company include NMR and NRV. The characteristics of this product are:
>Using ZK type cone enveloping transmission principle;
>Advanced wear-resistant materials;
> Superior performance, compact structure, small size, high efficiency;
>Easy to install, easy to maintain and repair;
>Large transmission ratio range, large torque, high overload capacity;
>Stable operation, low noise, durable;
>Strong applicability and high reliability.
XNUMX. Application range of RV worm gear reducer:
>Before you choose our products, please carefully refer to the following scope of use:
>Can operate under high inertia conditions;
>Can be used under high dynamic tension;
>Applicable ambient temperature range -10°~60°;
>Used in an environment where the ambient pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure;
> Avoid using this reducer in a liquid environment.
XNUMX. Features of RV worm gear reducer:
The RV series aluminum alloy reducer is designed and manufactured in accordance with the national standard Q/QS1-2000 technical quality standard. The power can be applied from 0.06KW to 7.5KW, and the reduction ratio can be adjusted in the range of 7.5-100. The reducer can also be made into a double-stage reduction. The range is 300-3000, which is suitable for equipment with slower output speed requirements. The reducer housing is made of aluminum alloy. So what should be paid attention to when using it? We summarize the following points:
When installing the RV worm gear reducer, choose a flat and stable plane to reduce vibration, and use washers and bolts to fix it.
2) If the working environment of the RV worm gear reducer is outside the protection, please pay attention to rain, sun and accidental collision.
3) RV worm gear reducer should use WA460 or G-N460W lubricant.
4) According to the design requirements of the RV worm gear reducer, please do not use the RV worm gear reducer in a place exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.
5) RV worm gear reducer should be replaced with lubricating oil after 150 hours of installation and use, and the lubricating oil change cycle is about 4000 hours later.
6) The input speed of the worm of RV worm gear reducer should be less than 1500r/min.
减速机的具体型号有:RV25、RV30、RV40、RV50、RV63、RV75、RV90、RV110、RV130、RV150 、NRV25、NRV30、NRV40、NRV50、NRV63、NRV75、NRV90、NRV110、NRV130、NRV150 、NMRV25、NMRV30、NMRV40、NMRV50、NMRV63、NMRV75、NMRV90、NMRV110、NMRV130、NMRV150。