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NMRV063-15 Worm G R

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The new worm reducer has the following advantages:
1. The shape adopts the "square box" structure, the box body is beautiful in shape, small in size, fast in heat dissipation, and convenient in use and installation.
2. The worm gear and worm pair are manufactured by precision machining and precision meshing detection, so that the whole machine has a balanced transmission, low temperature rise, low noise, high efficiency and long use time.
3. The input and output parts adopt precision finishing treatment, and the whole machine is rust-free.
4. The whole machine adopts high-quality bearing transmission parts and seals, which can be used for a long time without leakage.
5. The continuously variable transmission is used in conjunction with the worm gear reducer to adjust the output speed in the load and realize the continuously variable output.
Can be customized:
Special voltage (for example: voltage negative number 220V 60HZ, voltage negative number 415V 50HZ, etc.);
The material of the square box (for example: aluminum shell square box, iron flange, etc.).