Exquisite Structure Manufacturing Solid Shaft WP Series Reducer WPX Worm Gearbox


Engineered with precision, the solid shaft WP Series Reducer WPX Worm Gearbox stands as a testament to exceptional structure manufacturing. Designed to meet the needs of various industries such as manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food & beverage factories, and the energy & mining sector, this versatile product weighs only 3 KG. The WPX Worm Gearbox features a worm gearing arrangement and boasts an impressive output torque of 19-2745N.M. It operates at an input speed of 1500rpm, producing an output speed of 5-250rpm. The product is customizable with OEM services and color options as per customer’s requirement. With a variety of ratios, mounting positions, output forms, and sizes to choose from, it is the perfect fit for diverse applications.

Technical Specifications, Features, and Benefits of WPX Worm Gearbox

The WPX Worm Gearbox is designed for durability and efficiency, having a solid shaft and hollow shaft output form. It comes in a size range of 40-250, making it adaptable for different machinery sizes. The housing material is made of robust casting iron, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The shaft is made of chromium steel, offering superior strength and corrosion resistance. The gearbox also features a high-quality Taiwan NAK oil seal and a REN BEN.CU bearing, ensuring smooth operation and minimal maintenance.

This gearbox operates with low noise, less than 50DB, ensuring a quiet work environment. It offers a wide range of ratios from 10 to 60, allowing for versatile speed control. The mounting positions can be foot mounted or flange mounted, providing flexibility for installation. It is ISO9001 certified, guaranteeing quality and reliability, and comes at a factory price with OEM services available.

Explore Other Exceptional Products

In addition to the WPX Worm Gearbox, we offer a vast range of products designed to meet diverse industrial requirements. Whether you need solutions for high torque applications, compact spaces, or specific industries, we have you covered. Take a moment to explore our expansive inventory and find the perfect product to suit your needs.

We encourage you to delve into the details of each product, compare specifications, and make an informed decision. Trust in our proven track record of quality and excellent customer service as you make your purchase.


  1. What information is needed to confirm the worm gearbox?

    To confirm the worm gearbox, we would need the following information: Model/Size, Ratio and output torque, Power and flange type, Shaft Direction, Housing color, and Order quantity.

  2. Worm Reducer

  3. What are the payment methods accepted?

    We accept various payment methods including T/T, B/L, and CASH.

  4. What is the warranty period for the WPX Worm Gearbox?

    Our WPX Worm Gearbox comes with a one-year warranty period.

Invest in the WPX Worm Gearbox and experience the difference in quality and performance. For further queries or assistance, feel free to contact us.