Speed Gearbox 10:1 Gear Box Turbo Stainless Steel Worm Reducers


Introducing the Speed Gearbox 10:1 Gear Box Turbo Stainless Steel Worm Reducers, a top-tier choice for various industries including Manufacturing Plants, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factories, and Energy & Mining sectors. These high-quality gearboxes come with a 1-year warranty and weigh only 5 KG. Notably, they feature a worm gearing arrangement and offer an output torque range of 19-2745N.M. With an input speed of 1500 and output speeds ranging from 0.3-186rpm, these gearboxes optimize performance across a broad spectrum of operations. OEM options are also available for our WP gearbox 10:1. Aesthetically, they are available in green, yellow, or other colors based on customer requirements. All our products are packaged in standard export packages, ensuring safe and secure delivery.

Understanding the NMRV Worm Reducer

The NMRV Worm Reducer, also known as the WPWS 40-250 model, comes with diverse ratio options ranging from 1:10 to 1:60. The reducer is available in blue/silver or as per customer request. The housing is made of die-cast iron cast, ensuring durability and strength. The worm gear is made of copper-10-3#, the worm is 20CrMn Ti with carburizing and quenching, and the shaft is made of chromium steel-45#. These materials guarantee the robustness and longevity of the reducer. The product is packed in a carton and wooden case, and the bearings used are of C&U brand. The reducer comes with a 1-year warranty and is perfect for industrial machines in Food Stuff, Ceramics, Chemical, Packing, Dyeing, Woodworking, and Glass industries.

Other Products in Our Catalog

In addition to our premier Speed Gearbox 10:1 Gear Box Turbo Stainless Steel Worm Reducers, we offer a wide range of other products designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers across various industries. Whether you need gearboxes for industrial machinery, repair tools for machinery shops, or specialized equipment for food and beverage factories, we have you covered. We encourage customers to explore our product range and find the perfect solutions that meet their requirements. Our dedicated customer service team is always on standby to assist with any inquiries or provide additional product details as needed.

To make a purchase or for more information about our products, contact us today. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Worm Reducer

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information is needed to confirm the worm gearbox?
    You need to provide the Model/Size, Ratio and output torque, Power and flange type, Shaft Direction, Housing color, and Order quantity.
  2. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept T/T, B/L, and CASH as payment methods.
  3. Do you offer a warranty on your products?
    Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty on all our products.