EP Series STAINLESS Worm Gears
The stainless steel gearmotors from EP keep things moving wherever devices and systems are subject to particularly intensive cleaning. Whether or not the gearmotors are used for materials handling, intralogistics or hygienic applications, their hygienic properties, long operating existence and maintenance friendliness make them optimally appropriate to the specific production circumstances in the meals and beverage sector, pharmaceutical sector, and in permanently wet environments. The product fulfills (( DOC.8 Hygienic devices design requirements)) – EU Hygienic standard for food machinery.

Model 40 ~ 90
Ratio 7.5 ~ 100
Input power 0.09 ~ 4 kW
Output torque 19 ~ 458 N.m

Catalogued types of EP’s popular stainless 700 Series acceleration reducers are now available with standard 2-day delivery. Process improvements possess yielded the industry’s best standard business lead time for stainless steel worm gear reducers.

EP’s SS700 Series, the initial “domed crown” stainless steel reducers, are designed for maximum corrosion level of resistance and superior efficiency in high-pressure food processing and packaging washdown applications.

A convenient after hours/holiday hotline is also available for emergency orders. Catalogued SS700 Series models are stocked at local and regional distribution centers to ensure fast delivery.

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