June 26, 2020

Having been more than 20 years in the industry , we continue to improve our goods/quality and services as one of the market leaders today.
Why Ever-power?
Carburized Bushing
Carburizing process increases surface area hardness and wear level of resistance, as the core remains hard and ductile.
Shot Peening to all or any Components
All Omega’s conveyor chain elements are very well shot peened, so that you can increase component life.
Ultimate Material Specification
New material specification with better strength in chain breaking load, yet continues to be the most cost-effective choice.
Professional Technical and Item Support
Supported by experienced staff and official branches in strategic spots throughout China
Transmission Sprocket Installation
1. Install the transmitting sprocket (with belt) on the main drive equipment. 2. Install the sprocket nut. The next procedure is based on whether a new or used nut has been installed. Note: The Transmission Sprocket nut has still left handed threads. Convert the nut counterclockwise to install on the main drive gear. Sprocket Nut: apply red thread lock to the threads of the sprocket nut. Likewise smear a small quantity of reddish thread lock or clean engine essential oil on the inside experience of the sprocket nut and the outside facial area of the sprocket. Limit the application to where in fact the surfaces of the two parts contact each other. Install the sprocket nut until finger tight. 3. Obtain Final Drive Sprocket Locking Device (BAKER P/N: Tool-C) to lock tranny sprocket. Proceed the following: A. Insert handle of device below pivot shaft inboard of bottom frame tube and put on sprocket. B. Snug thumbscrew to lock job of program on sprocket. 4. Obtain Mainshaft Locknut Wrench/Pilot (BAKER P/N: Tool-D). Proceed as follows: A. Install pilot on threaded end of mainshaft. B. Slide sleeve of locknut wrench over pilot and onto sprocket nut. C. Tighten sprocket nut to 60 ft-lbs. (81 Nm). As the nut is definitely tightened the handle of the sprocket locking device rises to get hold of the pivot shaft, thus stopping sprocket/mainshaft rotation. 5. Scribe a straight line on the transmission sprocket nut continuing the line over onto the transmission sprocket. Tighten the transmitting sprocket nut yet another 35 to 40 degrees. 6. Install lockplate over nut so that the two diagonally reverse holes align with two tapped holes in sprocket. For the best in shape, lockplate can be rotated to a number of positions and can be located with either part facing sprocket. 7. If holes in lockplate usually do not align with those in sprocket, tighten sprocket nut as required (up to 45 degrees optimum) until sprocket and lockplate holes are in alignment.

24 Tooth Sprocket Kit
Fits Big Twin 4 speed with rear disc