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Hard tooth surface gear reducer

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Hard tooth surface gear reducer
        This product is an external meshing involute helical cylindrical gear reducer produced according to the national standard JB/T8853-2001. The product has been optimized and designed to meet the international level of the XNUMXs.This product is widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, chemical textile, printing and dyeing, and pharmaceutical industries.
        The scope of application of the reducer:
        1. The speed of the high-speed shaft is not more than 1500 rpm,
        2. The peripheral speed of the gear drive is not more than 20 m/s,
        Features of ZDY/ZLY/ZSY reducer.
        2. High mechanical transmission efficiency, single-stage greater than 96.5%, double-stage greater than 93%, and three-stage greater than 90%.
        3. Smooth operation and low noise.
        4. Small size and light weight.
        5. Easy to disassemble and inspect, easy to install.
        The model, specification and expression method of ZDY/ZLY/ZSY reducer.
        1. The models are: ZDY single-stage cylindrical gear reducer, ZLY two-stage cylindrical gear reducer, ZSY three-stage cylindrical gear reducer.
        The representation method of ZDY/ZLY/ZSY:
        ZLY 560-11.2-I -S/N
        ZLY means a two-stage transmission cylindrical gear reducer, 560 means the center distance of the low speed stage is 560, 11.2 means the nominal transmission ratio, I means the assembly form I, S/N means the output shaft rotates clockwise when facing the output when a backstop is required Is S, counterclockwise is N. D stands for single stage, L stands for two stages, S stands for three stages, Y stands for hardened gears,
        Note: If the user needs a long shaft series with a backstop.Please specify when ordering.If the order is not specified, it is deemed to be manufactured according to the standard.