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Approximately 95% of customers have consulted the following questions. Read the tips to make purchasing easier.

Q: Does your price include tax?
Answer: All product prices of our company are tax-inclusive, and a special invoice for 17% value tax will be issued for you regardless of the amount.

Q: Does your price include shipping?
Answer: The price we bid is the price including tax and excluding freight. Because the distance is different, the price is difficult to be unified. For the freight price, please refer to the logistics price or consult customer service.

Question: My reducer is non-standard, I will not choose the type, can you provide the reducer selection service?
Answer: Yes, you only need to provide relevant parameters such as motor power/pole number, speed ratio of reducer or output torque, etc., and we can select the model for you free of charge.

Q: What should I do if I am worried that the reducer cannot be installed?Do you provide installation dimension drawings?
Answer: You can rest assured that as long as the model of the national standard product is correct, the appearance and installation dimensions are the same. For non-standard products, we can help users design and provide the appearance and installation drawings.

Question: Our reducer has no signs and we don't know the model number. Can you confirm and quote for us?
Answer: Yes, we will determine the model for you based on the information you can provide (pictures or important dimensions), and give you the corresponding outline installation drawings for your confirmation.If needed, we can also survey and map for free.

Question: After confirming the model, how long will it take to produce and when will the goods be received?
Answer: Our soft tooth surface production cycle is normal one week after placing an order, medium-hard tooth surface and hard tooth surface are normal for 10-12 days, and non-standard products range from 15-20 days.Some products are in stock and can be shipped after payment.The time of logistics distribution varies according to the distance of the location, and you need to contact customer service for details.

Q: Is the color and appearance of your reducer the same as what I saw on the computer?
Answer: We guarantee that the external and installation dimensions are the same, and the color is uniformly green. If you have any special requirements, please explain to the customer service.

Q: How to deal with quality problems?
Answer: Before leaving the factory, we will conduct strict product inspections. The company's product warranty period is one year. Any product manufacturing quality problems within the warranty period will be repaired, returned, and replaced by the company.

Q: How to guarantee after-sales purchase of your products?
Answer: We will respond to users' regular technical consultation within 24 hours and provide solutions.The emergency requires an experienced engineer to arrive at the scene to solve the problem within 48 hours.