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How to calculate the diameter of the worm shaft diameter of the reducer

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  In the worm gear reducer, the worm calculates the size of the circle diameter, which first affects the strength and rigidity of the reducer worm.Use the formula d1=k1a to determine the diameter of the worm calculation circle.Among them, K1 is the calculated circle diameter coefficient of the worm.
  The worm calculates the size of the circle and determinesWorm G RThe location of the tooth surface of the worm and worm gear.If the value of K1 is smaller, the tooth surface is closer to the axis of rotation of the worm.At the same time, it is relatively close to an interface line under normal circumstances.Otherwise, stay away.Therefore, the value of the coefficient K1 directly affects the announcement of the contact line on the tooth surface, non-working area, undercut, addendum circle, comprehensive radius of curvature and other factors.
  From the point of view of the distribution law of the contact line, under other conditions unchanged, as long as the tooth surface avoids the area where the contact line is too concentrated and intersecting as much as possible, the K1 value can be larger or smaller.
  From the perspective of non-working area and the law of undercutting, it is more advantageous to take a larger K1 value.In this way, it is easy to make most or all of an interface line below the root of the worm tooth surface, reducing or completely eliminating the non-working area and undercut area on the worm tooth surface.
  From the point of view of the addendum circle of the reducer worm and the comprehensive radius of curvature, it is also advantageous to take a larger K1 value.
  Taken together, it is advantageous to take a large value for K1.However, factors such as the relative size of the worm and the oil stirring fasteners must also be considered.From the perspective of theoretical analysis and actual use, it is appropriate to select the appropriate range according to the given range.When the transmission ratio is the same, the center distance of the reducer can be larger if it is small, otherwise it can be smaller.
  If the worm gear reducer is required to be self-locking, it can be calculated according to the self-locking conditions, and then compared and determined.