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How to repair the broken output shaft of worm gear reducer

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  The worm gear reducer will break the output shaft of the reducer due to overloading, long-term operation and improper use during use. Generally, the cost of replacing an output shaft is very high, and the company will repair it by itself. So how to repair the broken output shaft?
  Welding repairs are generally performed on the fractured area. Generally, the area that needs to be welded will be large. Generally, in order to reduce the degree of deformation, we need to preheat measures before welding, and preheat the welded materials first, thereby slowing down The cooling rate of the welding seam facilitates the diffusion of hydrogen, thereby effectively preventing denaturation.Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the repair method of welding the output shaft of the worm gear reducer.
  XNUMX. Preparation before welding
  Equipment: BX1-330 AC arc welding machine, DC power supply;
  Material: Low-hydrogen type J507 (E5015) alkaline electrode, electrode with diameter of 3.2 mm, electrode with diameter of 4 mm.
  XNUMX. Design welding groove and gap
  Before welding, the broken part of the worm gear reducer is processed and smoothed. According to the fracture condition and the diameter of the part, a U-shaped groove is designed. Generally, in order to have the same groove shape, a forming turning tool is used for groove processing.The welding gap has a great influence on the welding quality. If the gap is too small, it will cause the welding seam to accumulate too high. If the gap is too large, it is easy to burn through.
  Three, clean up
  Before welding, rust, oil stains and moisture must be cleaned up on the surface of the welded parts. For oil stains that are difficult to clean, acetone and ethanol can be used to clean them.
  Four, welding
  In order to prevent deformation, a positioning block should be added to the groove to ensure that the gap of the weld is equal; the welded part should be preheated in advance to reduce the cooling rate of the welded area and prevent cracks.
  XNUMX. Processing after welding
  After welding, use asbestos quilt to cover and keep warm to avoid embrittlement
  The above is a brief introduction to the method of repairing the fracture, which is simple to operate and low in cost. It can be used normally after repair.