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Performance characteristics of WP series cast iron worm gear reducer

时间:2018-11-04 11:44   tags: products information  

 Product performance characteristics:  
1. The box structure is integral, with beautiful appearance and good rigidity.  
2. The box body has basic type (the box body is a vertical or horizontal structure with a foot plate) and a universal type (the box body is a rectangular parallelepiped, with fixed screw holes on multiple sides, without a foot plate or another bottom Various structure types such as foot board)  
3. There are two types of input shaft connection: basic type (single input shaft and double input shaft), with motor flange.  
4. The output shaft structure has two types: basic (single output shaft, dual output shaft) and hollow output shaft.  
5. The position directions of the output and input shafts have the input shaft down and up; the output axis up and down; the input axis up and down.  
6. Two or three reducers can be used to form a multi-stage reducer to obtain a great transmission ratio.