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What are the structural characteristics of WP series worm gear reducer

时间:2019-06-30 15:07   tags: Technology Frontier  

        WP series product worm gear reducer adopts high-pressure die-casting aluminum alloy casing and adopts new manufacturing technology. It is developed on the basis of WD reducer. The worm is made of 45# high-quality steel and processed by heat treatment, which improves the accuracy of castings. It is cast from tin bronze, with excellent wear resistance, smaller volume and lighter net weight, especially in terms of load-bearing capacity.
  Main structural performance characteristics of reducer products:
  1. The gear transmission is stable, jitter impact and noise are relatively small, good rigidity, reverse self-locking functional module, large reduction ratio, excellent wear resistance, and can be perfectly matched with various reduction machinery and equipment.
  2. Two or three reducers can be used to form a multi-stage reducer, which can obtain a large speed ratio with a single-stage gear transmission, and has a compact structure. Most reducers of specifications have good self-locking properties.
  3. The worm gears, bearings and oil seals of the WP series are all driven by first-class gears produced in accordance with internationally customized standards.
  4. There are basic types of input shaft structure: single input shaft and double input shaft, with motor flange 3 types.
  5. Shell types are usually divided into universal type and standard type.
  6. The meshing friction loss between the worm thread and the tooth surface of the worm gear is usually very large, so the gear transmission efficiency is lower than that of the gear, and it is very easy to cause higher temperature and heat.