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Precautions for test operation of worm gear reducer

时间:2019-06-30 15:22   tags: Technology Frontier  

        Worm G RAfter the installation is completed, a full-load test operation is required. It is an indispensable part, and the time is about 2 hours.When the worm gear reducer runs up and down for 2 hours, it can be loaded and tested step by step at 25%, 50%, and 75% load until it runs at full load.
        After the load test of the reducer has been carried out for a period of time, it is necessary to carefully check whether the fasteners of the machine are loosened to ensure their safe carrying.Pay special attention to whether the reducer has noise and heat dissipation during the trial transportation.
        Check the use of oil and grease for reducer:
1. Check the grease level of the worm gear reducer and block its power supply, in order to prevent electric shock, and wait for the reducer to cool down.
2. Remove the oil level and oil plug to check if the oil is overflowing, and then start the equipment oil level and oil plug after checking the pass.
3. Open the oil drain plug, remove the grease sample, and check the viscosity index of the grease.If the grease looks dirty, it is recommended to replace with new grease as soon as possible.
4. Regarding the worm gear reducer equipped with an oil level oil plug, unscrew the oil level oil plug, check the refueling height, and fill in grease when necessary.
5. When the grease is replaced, the viscosity of the oil increases after cooling, and it is difficult to drain the oil. Therefore, the worm gear reducer should change the oil at the operating temperature.

        The above is about the special attention of the worm gear reducer during the trial operation. Do a good job of each step of the operation steps to ensure the quality and safe use of the reducer.